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BirthCare Health Care for Women, by Women

Check out the Tree Room!

The center is cozier than ever before, with family areas for socializing, a kitchen for snacking, and three Jacuzzi tubs for laboring women.    

After moving our exam rooms to the new quarters across the street, we set about remodeling the birth center and adding a gigantic new room in spring of 2014.  In the Tree Room, you can labor in our deepest tub, beneath the sheltering limbs of our Tree of Life mural.

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Why Birth Care?

At Birth Care,  it’s all about you. Our team of highly educated, licensed certified nurse-midwives give you information and make recommendations, but it is you who makes choices for yourself and your baby. Try a water birth for excellent pain management without medications. Labor in your own clothes, in any position you wish.We boast the lowest  rate of primary cesarean section in the area. Birth Care is a non-profit birth and women's health care center devoted to empowering women to take charge of their health care.    


 We attend births at our state-licensed birth center as well as at home for families located within our home birth territory. We also have privileges at Wellspan Ephrata Community Hospital in case of emergency. We were the first birth center to open in Pennsylvania in 1978 and are accredited by the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers (CABC).

Deliver your baby at our CABC accredited birth center or at  home. We give you choices, and have privileges at Wellspan-Ephrata Community Hospital in case complications should occur in labor.

We take most insurance plans!

Compared to care provided exclusively by physicians, midwife-led care is associated with lower rates of unnecessary interventions, higher chances of vaginal birth, reduced risk of preterm birth, and higher chances of a successful start to breastfeeding, with greater client satisfaction. In addition to evidence-based care with improved health outcomes, midwives’ high-touch, low-tech approach is associated with lower costs for clients and insurers.

Midwives take time to listen to you. Midwives believe that childbearing is normal and that you and your family should create the birth experience that will be meaningful to you.

Source: American College of Nurse-Midwives

Why A Midwife?