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1138 Georgetown Road
P.O. Box 152 Bart, Pa. 17503
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 Birth Center
  1138 Georgetown Road
  Bart, Pa. 17503

Administrative Offices
1135 Georgetown Rd
Suite 100
Christiana,Pa. 17509

Additional Location
3469 Harvest Drive
Gordonville Pa. 17529
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Board of Directors

Jonas S. King

Vice President
David S. Stoltzfus

Robert S. Weaver 

Rachel King
Glenda Weaver
Sarah Stoltzfus
Elaine Musser RNC.
Anna Mae Glick
Sandra Shomber MA,RDN


Executive Director
Maren Ketcham BA

Clinical Director
Maribeth Diver CNM MSN

Director of Nursing
Catherine Saunders RN,AD

Office Manager
Jennifer Lopez

ssistant Office Manager
Donna Good LPN

Valerie Peery CNM MSN
 Dana MacDonald CNM MSN
 Lori Conley CNM
 Bonnie Gruenberg CNM
 Autumn Nelson CNM
 Sarah Beebe CNM MSN
 Merrylee Morschhauser CNM MSN
 Sabrina Yoder CNM MSN

Rita Rhoads  Reed CRNP, CNM,MPH

Birth Care & Family Health Services is a 501(c) (3) non-profit corpora-tion. Copies of IRS form 1023 and forms 990 are available for inspection and copies may be requested during normal business hours at the corporate offices in Bart, PA.





We Believe.......
* Successful health care is a partnership between each woman and her caregivers.
* Health encompasses emotional and spiritual well-being together with physical health.
* Women are empowered through wellness counseling and health education.
* Birth is a healthy, normal process for which a woman's body is perfectly designed.
* Giving birth can be the most fulfilling experience of a woman's life
* Gentle birth creates gentle people and promotes a more peaceful world.

We believe.......

* In providing information on a wide choice of medical, natural and alternative therapies.
* In each woman's right to informed choice in the use of medical tests, recommendations and interventions.
* Midwives are experts in normal birth and doctors are specialists for problems. We work with supportive backup physicians when necessary.
* Every woman has the right to give birth where she feels most safe and comfortable. Research has shown that healthy, low-risk women are generally safer birthing at home or in a birth center

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Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers

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